Production Journey

Knitting of the yarn for our hoodies begins today!

BIG UPDATE: Early this morning in Tanzania the knitting of the organic cotton yarn for our signature and prototype hoodies is officially underway! This is going  to take about 20 days and is due to be completed around November 18th or so. 

I am officially getting on people's nerves at the factory by checking on things every single day. I'll keep you posted with more updates. 

Here's what's been completed so far. 

  • The hoodies were designed by our design team.
  • The designs were approved by the manufacturing team.
  • A sample was made and then shipped to us. 
  • We approved the sample with some minor changes.
  • We approved the colors.
  • We approved the tags, strings, cuffs, and packaging.
  • All of the cotton for our order has been harvested.
  • All of the cotton for our order has been cleaned. 
  • All of the cotton for our order was then made into yarn


Then, all of the finished fabrics for our hoodies will begin the coloring and dyeing process which will be completed on November 20th. That process will actually begin around November 4th once the first round of fabrics are finished. 

Then, the last week of November, all of the trims will arrive and bulk production of the hoodies will begin!

Finally, the hoodies are scheduled to be completed on December 13th and will be shipped to us soon thereafter.